Kobe Beef of Texas

Meet Your Rancher

My name is Burch Wallace.

I have been in every aspect of the Wagyu beef business from pasture to plate. I am a qualified grader who grades beef for operations across the country, and I believe this will be the finest beef eating experience you will have in your life. I have been laughed at by some as to how gentle I treat my cattle. When it comes time to move them, I allow no hot shots or any devices to make them move faster than they want to. My pen size is very spacious and we NEVER crowd our cattle. Our calves are treated so well, they will come and greet us when we show up. We strive for a stress-free, sustainable operation. We are ecologically friendly, having great respect for the land as well as our cattle.

I have spent 40 years trying to produce the best healthiest beef possible and feel I have reached my goal. You and your family can benefit from this labor of love, and I believe you will never want any other beef than Kobe Beef of Texas Wagyu beef. I encourage you to call me so that we can develop a relationship where I might bring you the most customizable service, reminiscent of the neighborhood butcher shop. Quality Wagyu beef is my passion and I look forward to sharing it with you!

Burch Wallace
Cell: 940-393-6620

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