Grain-Fed Beef

I ate my very first grain-fed steak in 1962. After being raised on tough, flavorless grass-fed beef, I thought had died and gone to heaven. It has since been my mission to make the best grain-fed beef ever. I have studied genetics, nutrition, and optimal care to produce the best beef I could. I got close to my goal, but it wasn’t until I found Wagyu that all the pieces came together. All I needed was to find which genetics would be the best, and with God’s help, I feel like I know what will work. On the nutrition side, I talked with Japanese producers and quickly realized that to make American Kobe beef, I needed to stay with the way they feed. SO with the help of Japanese breeders, I feed my animals the same all-natural rations they do, including beverage-grade alcohol, just like Japan. This is not a cheap way to feed cattle but you will see it is well worth it. As far as care, what I learned from the Japanese is stress is a major factor in how the cattle perform, so our cattle are in an environment geared to make their life as stress-free as possible.

First, we start with a boutique feeding facility where each animal is given individual attention. Second, once an animal is introduced to his pen mates, he stays with those same mates his entire life. Cattle are herd animals and moving them from their pen mates creates stress. Third, we do all we can to honor an animal's life. We feel he has fulfilled God's purpose for him.