Pastured Beef

Growing up on the ranch, we always had two milk cows to supply milk and butter for the ranch hands and us. We would breed the cows to a Hereford bull, wean the calves at 7 months old and turn them out on native pasture and supplement with alfalfa hay. At around 900 pounds, we would harvest and have our freezer beef. Not very good, minimum flavor, and tough chewy meat. So for many years, I have tried to improve pastured beef. I studied grasses, protein sources, and breeds that could improve the eating experience. The grasses we ultimately chose were a combination of native and improved and each are grazed at the height of the protein and carb production. Protein and carbohydrates are factors in marbling and tenderness as well as growth. Our winter pasture is a very exotic blend of grasses, forbs, and herbs. No wheat pasture (Wheat causes yellow fat) but we have developed our blend over 40 years of trial and error and I believe it makes the best tasting and most tender marbled and succulent pastured beef you will ever eat.

After trying many breeds of cattle, I settled on Wagyu as they are the top breed for marbling, and the only breed I have come across that will make prime pastured beef. But even with their ability to marble, not all Wagyu will work in making the best most flavorful and tender meat. So like the grasses, we set out to find the best Wagyu genetics and it took me 10 years to come up with the best genetics for this program, and you will be thrilled with the results. Finally, the care of cattle for pastured beef might be the most important piece to the puzzle. Our animals are owned by us from birth and are probably some of the most well cared for cattle known. We never let them experience stress. They are on the best sweet green grass we can produce and their water is always clean and cool. The cattle always have deep shade in the summer and warm places in the winter. In short, we strive to be good stewards of the precious animals God gave us charge of.

As for our pastured beef, we have developed a program over the years to find the best grass with high carbs, which we intensely manage for best results for marbling, taste, and tenderness. To that we only feed additional protein. Our program is a closely guarded secret and we feel you cannot find a more flavorful or tender product with as much marbling as our prime pastured beef. Some of the top restaurants have switched over from grain-fed beef bought from other companies to our pastured beef and noticed an increased demand. We are truly a pasture to plate company, and animal welfare and comfort are our top priorities. We are all natural and sustainable and will always strive to benefit our planet and its citizens with the highest quality beef we can produce with as little of a carbon footprint as possible.